M.O.B The Badfella

M.O.B The Badfella currently resides in South Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up the youngest of 3 in the crime infested projects of L.M.G. also known as Lemoyne Gardens and also 3rd World in Memphis Tennessee.  Life was a challenge for his single mom raising himself and his older brother and sister with no father for the head of the house. M.O.B. is currently a single father to a 17 year old son but he also has a 11 year old son and 10 year old daughter who both reside with their mothers.
M.O.B. The Badfella has been doing music for about 10 years, with the last 3 professionally.
  The artists that he has worked with include Gangsta Blac,Dj Zirk, Peetie Da Prophet,LoDown,Marco Da Don and Tavo Ruger along with fellow Family Circle artists: Velo and Santana.Most currently he has been working with some talented overseas producers such as Alexander Henkel, from Germany and RTN, from Poland and American producers Peetie the Prophet, from Memphis, Shawn Heat, from Florida,Ben Beats from Memphis and Gilstrap, from California.  You can also find M.O.B. the Badfella on the album "Studio Life" which features artists such as Rick Ross, Twista, E-40 and Young Buck.Also,mixtapes U Aint Da Streets We Are Vol 1 and 2 courtesy Of Team Scm along with local stars such as King Star and Beo Lil Kenny and major artists such as Blac Youngsta.
Growing up, M.O.B. was heavily influenced by rappers like Dj Zirk, UGK, 3-6 Mafia,2 Pac,Dj Squeeky,Scarface, N.W.A, T.I, Jay Z, 8 Ball & M.J.G, Twista and Jadakiss. 
In 2014, M.O.B. was was asked if he would be interested in creating a song for an upcoming movie being shot in Memphis titled "The Cellular Effect".  His song was chosen as the theme song for the movie.In 2017,his song "G.A.S (Grown And Sexy)" was selected by a local film titled "81 days"
M.O.B has two projects out titled "The Marcus Hughes Story Chapter 1" and "Badfella Chronicles"
His next project "The Marcus Hughes Story Chapter 2" is set to release Fall 2018
I do this for my city and all of my supporters. God bless


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